Product introduction

Link wrap frame "Real Sitemap"

This service is basically used for web scanner on "Mockers" to generate similar style articles.

Animation link that surround the attention

As an example of this site, and easily generate the animation link to your Web site, you can incorporate as a frame.

Users will react to unconsciously "move things". Using this characteristic, the user scrolls the page, that it has entered in the visible range frame is detected by the automatic, by generating the animation to the link icon in the exquisite timing, to the attention of the user, click you connect to the rate improvement of.

Available free

Frame can be used free of charge, to scan the internal links of your site, it will contribute to the stay time improvement in the site.

Secure mutual link network

Frame is shared with other users, you can earn the visitors from other similar sites. This will contribute to the improvement of the profitability of your site. This cross-link will not be detected in the search engine. (※ currently in preparation per beta)

Day-to-day learning recommendation AI

Because it is equipped with a special recommendation AI, to display the higher-degree of association link. This AI is, every day, to analyze the user behavior, it will be automatically improved.

AI is as shown in the following frame, recognizes the site as one of the page space, and generates a coordinate map. This is the origin of the name of the real-sitemap.

Use Easy

Enter the URL of your site, just paste the output is an HTML to the site. And later synchronize automatically the same is also the site of the update, tedious work does not have any.