Product introduction

Mockers GPT-2 AI Article Generator

Easier automatic text generation with AI

“Mockers” is an automatic text generation tool that is equipped with the latest deep learning technology “GPT-2”, which is “too dangerous”. “Mockers” not only allows you to easily use this wonderful tool just on the web, but also allows you to generate custom models that learn your website/twitter and automatically post them to Wordpress and Twitter.

Free access to top class models

Maximum expressive 774M parameter model and various optional texts can be used for free.

Create user custom model by transfer learning

From a general-purpose model, you can create a more customized model based on the user's input data. For example, Mockers can learn a user's blog or twitter account and automatically generate similar style and context.

Web scan tool for custom model included

With the" WebScanner function ", you can scan all articles posted on the site and generate a model for your users completely automatically just by entering the URL of the site.

Automatic posting function

If you register, the text will be automatically generated every day, and it will be automatically completed until posting to WordPress and Twitter. The user does not need to do anything anymore.

Multi language support

The original GPT-2 only supports English, but the" GPT- 2 Online Utility "can be used with a specified language model. (Currently in preparation)

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