How to easily generate your article with GPT-2 which is “too dangerous”

“Mockers”, a tool that makes it easy to use GPT-2, an AI that generates automatic texts that are too dangerous, has been released.

A recent survey by Cornell University, published on August 2, 2019, found that 70% of people who read the text generated by GPT-2 misunderstood the text as a New York Times article.

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2 methods to generate

There are two generation methods in Mockers.
One is a function that inputs a keyword and generates sentences in a form that complements the keyword or is similar. Please try to enter the appropriate text in the text box above.

In this example, enter the text “Donald Trump is”, click “Generate”, and wait a moment. After a while, the result was displayed.

a monster. His presidency is a farce. But there’s one part of the Trump administration that seems almost quaint: the men of his inner circle who are being forced to watch their new boss become, from day one, president of the United States.
As long as they remain in office, they will be treated with a degree of respect that may not always apply to the president of the United States. And while they may be subject to a certain level of criticism, they’ll be able to work with Trump — a man who can be prickly, at times, about their work. But for at least a period of time, the men at the very inner circle — the chief of staff, the national security adviser, the director of communications, and maybe one or two others — will be seen as, at the very least, political allies.

Somehow it looks like that. Of course it has nothing to do with the facts.

The other method is a completely automatic method that does not use keywords. To use this method, check “Full Auto Generation” as shown in the screen above and press the blue “Generate” button. After a while, the appropriate text will enter the text box below.

Auto posting

Sign up for more features. The main feature is an automatic posting tool for WordPress and Twitter.
In this way, anyone can easily create a bot that keeps updating its site automatically. The texts obtained in this way are basically license-free and can be used for commercial purposes. This will be explained in a separate article in detail.

Custom model

There is a function called “Custom Model”. Currently, it is a function that requires prior application to the Mockers operator. This is how you can create a dedicated automatic text generation tool that learns other sites, tweets, or prepared text sets and generates text that is close to the style and theme.

Most blogs write articles with a specific theme, so bots that trace previous articles and update articles that contain new ideas are very attractive.

This feature can be included in what you learn, whether it is someone else’s blog. The text generated by this will follow your site’s style and theme, while still allowing you to legally create a text for you.

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