Procedure to incorporate a click that is easily linked to the site in Real Sitemap & PRyC WP

Real Sitemap is a built-in design tool that aims to link the “likely to be of interest,” “likely to be clicked”.

Users will react to unconsciously “move things”. 
Using this characteristic, the user scrolls the page, that it has entered in the visible range frame is detected by the automatic, by generating the animation to the link icon in the exquisite timing, to the attention of the user, click you connect to the rate improvement of.

This time, we want to introduce the use of this tool. It proceeds on the assumption the use of WordPress, but not necessarily needed, basically it works as long as customizable HTML / JS. ※ However, attention because it contains Iframe, because this part tag is prohibited blog service, the can not be used.

Inputs the generated frame URL that you want to

In the input form, enter the URL of the frame that you created. But go to look for a sitemap.xml is basically, in the non-existent site is scanned automatically page.

Sitemap.xml You can specify a robots.txt the crawler of the search engine can read may be specified directly. If you do not specify, the root path of the URL of the domain is interpreted as the root path of the site. 
※ example “”

The process takes about 1 minute. The maximum number of pages, but sign up is not required in the demo is limited to up to 50, the scan is completed at the time when exceeded.

When the generation is complete, possible adjustment of the scale to your liking.

The title is taken from the title tag of the HTML of the page. Although the title of the site to the page title is sometimes included as a common part, but can also be removed together by specifying a common part in the “bulk removal of a portion of the name” because it is redundant.

Make a copy of the HTML contained in here window. You will be prompted to sign up in advance to complete the sign up. (If you skip, because the result is later deleted automatically)

Embedded in the whole PRyC WP

It operates Attach them copied the HTML directly to the desired location of the site, WordPress this time of the plug-in ” : PRyC WP Add custom content to post and page (top / bottom) using the” bulk at the end of the article to introduce how to insert.

First, go to the plug-ins tab of the WordPress administrative console, to find the PRyC WP. Variety there is a sister product, “PRyC WP: Add custom content to post page” install.

Completion to Settings tab of the WordPress administrative console After it: “Since PRyC WP Add custom content” has been added, select and move.

“Content (bottom):” you just saved by inserting a copy of the HTML to the form. This is only. The results are what happens as the page itself.




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